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Ledalite Architectural Produ cts (Purchased by Philips Electronics)

MesoOptics - Smart, directional, Holographic Optical Diffusers

In the late 1990's,  Ledalite approached me to do a feasibility study on creating a holographic optical diffuser specifically for the lighting industry. Other companies were making holographic diffusers but they were small, expensive, fragile, and mainly they did not meet the performance specifications required for lighting application. Ledalite hired me to design and build out a Holographic Research Facility complete with an optics lab, processing lab, a clean room for spin coating Photo Resist plates, and a photometry lab for evaluating our results. This patented (US 7660039) technology was a success, changed the lighting industry forever  and received the prestigious, International LightFair New Product of the Year Award when it was launched.  During this time, I transitioned the technology from analog holography to a seamless, digital direct write product, working closely with Jay Ricci at the former, Rochester NY based, Reflexite Surface Relief Films.


Over many years, many families of luminaires were made possible by the invention of this optical material.  It opened the way for a whole new generation of designs,  previously not possible with conventional optics.  MesoOptics also launched  successful careers for people who have gone on to  create new innovations in the industry.  I worked there for almost 20 years. 

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