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Melissa has presented several workshops and lectures on Holography, most notably at the Beijing Institute of Posts and Telecommunications in Beijing PRC, M.I.T. in Boston, several SPIE conferences and International Symposiums on Display Holography (ISDH).  She has worked on fountain lighting projects (Canada Pavilion Expo 92), created a holographic glass product and light installations. As well, she has curated and designed exhibitions for holography shows in China and the USA.  She was the Director of The Holographic Studio in Vancouver BC Canada from 1987 – 1996. 


From 1997-2017, Melissa worked in holographic optics research for Ledalite Architectural Products, now part of Philips Electronics, Professional Luminaires North America. The Ledalite team developed a holographic optical material, MesoOptics which won the New Product of the Year Award at LightFair 2001.  Several innovative MesoOptics fixtures have been designed and are in mass production. In addition to the Holography Research Facility at Philips, Melissa has also designed other optical holography labs for teaching, research and art.


In 2018 Melissa served as a member of the Art Committee of the 11th, International Symposium on Display Holography (ISDH) in Aveiro, Portugal and in 2019 as a Session Chair at the SPIE (Applied Optical Holography lll) conference in Dan Diego, California USA. In 2019 she conducted a series of Art Holography workshops at the Rudie Berkhout Studio in New York state. At that facility, during this time, she also worked on a telescope holographic optic for 3DeWitt, funded by a NASA grant.


Currently, Melissa is the Collections Consultant to HOLO Inc. a Chicago company dedicated to collecting and exhibiting fine art Holograms. HOLO Inc. has acquired the Global Images Hologram and the Rudie Berkhout Hologram collections. She is a technical consultant for Southwood Holographics, NY and She is on the Board of Directors of the Center for Holographic Arts, NY.   Melissa teaches online holography courses and conducts workshops in all areas of optical holography.


Melissa Crenshaw continues to explore the potential of light in all aspects, including the expression of visual ideas and for creating luminous environments.


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                          CAREER  SUMMARY


Melissa Crenshaw has worked in the field of Holography since 1982. She has created limited edition holographic art since the early 1980’s. Her art works are in private and public international collections, including the Global Images (now HOLO Inc of Chicago) Collection, MIT Museum, Canada’s Art Bank, and the Museum fur Neue Viseulle Medien in Koln, Germany.  She received two Artist in Residences at the Museum of Holography in New York, one at Fringe Research Facility in Toronto and was a recipient of the New York Shearwater Foundation Award for outstanding work in Art Holography.

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