selected Abstract Holograms

Orange abstract edited MGI.jpg

1983  Triangular study,  ~8x8x6"

Color Study wiht Light Blocks on

1983  Color Study with Light Blocks,  ~ 9x7x6" 


1984  Threes, this is a detail from a triptych that is ~14x36x8"

Sm blue Spatial.jpg

1984  Untitled, small texture screen experiment  ~ 5x4x4" 

Green Triangles.jpg

1983 Triangular Planes

~ 10x9x6"


1983  Levels with Light Blocks

~ 10x9x6"

Spatial Domain pastel.jpg

1986  Spatial Domain 1,  Z-Axis  series 

plinth mounted, ~ 12x16x18"

falling 2 (2).jpg

1986  Falling,  Z-Axis series,   plinth mounted, ~ 12x16x18"

Spatial Domain.jpg

1986 Spatial Domain 2, Z-Axis series

plinth mounted, ~ 12x16x18"

Healing for Broken Hearts  (2).jpg

1986  Healing for Broken Hearts, Z-Axis  series

plinth mounted, ~ 12x16x18"

Safe place.jpg
safe place green.jpg

1986  Safe Place to Dream, Z-Axis series

plinth mounted,~ 12x16x18"  Red view 1 on plinth, Green view 2


2019  Ribbon 

(for Vanity box)   ~ 4x 6x6"


1985  Color Study II  

~ 8x6x6"

liti test recropped (2).jpg

2019  Lens Play on Polymer (for Vanity box)  ~ 4x 5x6"

Viewing Abstract holograms:  The following 3  views show how this hologram, Triangular Planes  changes as you move through the viewing zone from left to right.

tri right.jpg
tri planes center (4).jpg
tri left.jpg
spectrum (4).jpg