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Healing for Broken Hearts  (2).jpg

1986  Healing for Broken Hearts, Z-Axis  series

plinth mounted, ~ 12x16x18"

safe place green.jpg

1986  Safe Place to Dream, Z-Axis series

plinth mounted,~ 12x16x18"  Red view 1 on plinth, Green view 2

1986  Healing for Broken Hearts, Z-Axis  series, white plinth mounted ~12x16x18"

tri right.jpg
tri planes center (4).jpg
tri left.jpg

Viewing Abstract holograms:  The following 3  views show how this hologram, Triangular Planes  changes as you move through the viewing zone from left to right.

Color Study wiht Light Blocks on film_ed
Orange abstract edited MGI_edited_edited

1983  Triangular study,  ~8x8x6"

1983  Color Study with Light Blocks,  ~ 9x7x6" 

Sm blue Spatial.jpg

1984  Untitled, small texture screen experiment  ~ 5x4x4" 


1984  Threes, this is a detail from a triptych that is ~14x36x8"


1983  Levels with Light Blocks

~ 10x9x6"

Spatial Domain_edited.jpg

1986 Spatial Domain 2, Z-Axis series, plinth mounted, ~ 12x16x18"

me and falling 2_edited.jpg
falling 2 (2)_edited.jpg

1986  Falling,  Z-Axis series,   plinth mounted, ~ 12x16x18"


2019  Ribbon 

(for Vanity box)   ~ 4x 6x6"

Spatial Domain pastel_edited.jpg

1986  Spatial Domain 1,  Z-Axis  series 

plinth mounted, ~ 12x16x18"

liti test recropped (2).jpg

2019  Lens Play on Polymer (for Vanity box)  ~ 4x 5x6"

Holography changes as technologies improve and we adapt.  In the past few years the recording material Photo polymer has been readily available to holographers. This material requires no darkroom chemical processing, and it is panchromatic,  recording red, green and blue wavelengths. I have been experimenting with Photopolymer and inexpensive diode lasers for a few years to explore the creative options available with the combination of the polymer and the diode lasers.  Polymer offers possibilities of spectral effects not possible with Silver Halide recordings. Here is a sampling of some of my recent  (2022 2023) 4 x 5" images, recorded with a one wavelength diode laser, either a red or green laser.  

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