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Experimental figurative: Achromat, Miniatures (optically reduced images)

The following images were experiments I created including achromat and reduced in size holograms from  experimental Masters I made during the Collaboration. The first image is a two channel hologram which is not reduced.  Following What She Failed to See,  are reductions (miniatures) which were created by optically changing the size of the figures from pulse laser Masters. The reduced images are approximately half the size of the original, full scale images in the masters.  The miniature holograms are  illuminated from the back of the hologram and are technically called white light transmission (WLT) holograms.  


                               What She Failed to See  1999  size 30 x 40 cm 12 x 16"  Pseudocolor Reflection Hologram

good still.jpg

Betrayed,  1998    hologram size, 7" x 9" x 5" 

pop up pedestals_edited.jpg

Installation shown to indicate scale of image

Blue Headdress_edited.jpg

Blue Headdress 1998    hologram size, 7" x 8" x 5" 

Flying blue.jpg

Flying  1998    hologram size, 5" x 11" x 5" 

spectrum (4).jpg

Ladies Travelling Optics Vanity (Hologram Boxes) series

I have created a series of what I call Vanity Optics boxes. These are inspired by Joseph Cornell Boxes and vanity boxes that people traveled with back in the days of the "Grand Tour" as well as instruments and the boxes that contain them. In some , I have created holograms for the boxes and in others I have used holograms from a previous series. Included are tools of trade including lenses, mirrors, optics holders, protractors and on and on.

IMG_3604 (2).JPG

Vanity #3 2018  Johathan Ross Hologram Collection, London UK

Traveling Ladies Optics Vanity Box (Jonathan Ross Hologram collection, London UK)

first vanity pedestal_edited.jpg

Vanity #1 2015  

first detal_edited.jpg




         #1  detail 2015 


Memorial Vanity  2015  

detail glass in box.jpg

Vanity #4 2020                                        detail

spectrum (4).jpg

Mixed Media, incorporating off the shelf holographic foil

Spectratek's holographic foil, paper fans,  hardware store flashing and copper pipe provided the ingredients for the following works. Most of these were created  in the early 2000's. These elements were installed in series as large wall pieces as shown below. 


Homage to Jerry Pethick,  Flight of Life    holographic foil, metal flashing, copper pipes.  


Fans,  holographic foil, paper fans,  copper pipes.  


Sockeye migrating back home,    holographic foil, metal flashing,   copper pipes.  

spectrum (4).jpg
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