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Water Features, Holographic Glass,  & More

In addition to my art holograms, mixed media works and the research at my day job, I had the opportunity to do some public art and other design application works utilizing holographic technology and/or materials as seen below. 

selected Holographic  Water Features  


Canada Pavilion   Expo 92    Seville Spain

In 1990 I was hired (and honored) by the respected Canadian Architect, Bing Thom, to work collaboratively with him to design a large water feature for the Canada Pavilion at Expo 92 in Seville Spain. This was the backdrop for the stage  in the center of the reflecting pool. Several thousand feet of holographic foil was laminated onto walls,  shipped to Spain and installed on site. The water system provided  water cascading gently down the walls. The holographic foil was illuminated with a bank of Par 64 lamps at a specific angle. The angle of illumination created a shimmering violet lighting effect as you entered the Pavilion and as you moved closer to the feature the colors started to compress, revealing the full spectrum on the walls and reflected in the pool.   


F3 Retail Store water feature

This rather eccentric fountain was the feature of interest in a retail store in Vancouver BC. The feature was around16' tall and contained sand blasted glass over a wall of Holographic Foil and included an inserted television. Water cascaded over the glass and the foil was illuminated. The spectral colors were quite obvious, especially at night and created quite a spectacle on the street.

spectrum (4).jpg

Holographic Glass  Luminescent Glass

Upon my return from Expo, I desired to recreate the shimmering color effects of the Pavilion water feature in a more permanent form.  My experimentations with off the shelf patterned glass, holographic foils and a safety glass technique resulted in what I called Luminescent Glass. The first image below is my concept and glass invention that was a finalist in for the Renfrew Library, public art competition.  I eventually worked as well in collaboration with Joel Berman Glass on commissions as shown  below. All of the following work took place after 1992 and into the 1990's.


Renfrew Public Library, competition finalist, luminescent glass elements shown on proposed model and actual glass created for the project.


I hand crafted these Luminescent glass tiles, utilizing Berman pattern cover glass. These images show how the colours shift and change based on lighting and the viewers position. 


I hand crafted these Luminescent glass elements for the Bell Customer Service Center, (Telus, now).  I hand crafter several circular floor tiles, counter treatments as shown on the left, and glass inlay for the managers desks, as well as other elements in the center. 

spectrum (4).jpg

Holographic Spectral Light Installations

This example shown below,  I created for the Center for Image and Sound Research, lobby. In addition to this, I also had the opportunity to create similar permanent installations in private homes.


Corner wall at the former, Center for Image and Sound Research, Vancouver BC.  Projected spectra from holographic foil . Included is a 2" x 18" detail with small luminescent Tiles. 

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