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about MY ART  Holograms



Holograms are capable of recording realistic 3D images.  Holograms are also Lightscapes that render visual phenomena only possible within the holographic format. My fascination has been with the ethereal aspects of the medium. My exploration ranges from the purely experimental and abstract,  into literal themes. Regardless of the thematic content, my holography is fundamentally and primarily about creating with light.


I am a hands on holographer and prefer to do all my own technical work. The result is a body of art work that spans several methods of expressing ideas with light. I have designed and built holographic studios both for art and for industry over the last several years. The studio and the equipment build out is fundamental to the range of expression possible with  how the holograms are created &  I consider this  a crucial part of the creative process. 

The selected Holograms in the next several sections show some examples of my Holographic  art works. The imperial dimensions are listed as vertical x horizontal x depth of the image. The hologram film plate is less than 1/4" thick so what I list as the depth dimension includes  the image that extends out in front of the hologram image plane surface and the portion of the image that extends back into the z axis, behind the image plane. The holograms shown are analog Optical Holograms.

The Holograms are white light viewable, which means they are played back, by being illuminated, by a lamp aimed at the hologram, at a specific angle and most often from regular overhead track lighting. Unless noted, they are displayed either as wall mounted or mounted on plinths. Multiple views of some of these art works are presented as well.

Unless noted, technically these images are Pseudo-color Reflection Holograms, which means they are illuminated from the front of the hologram and the color is not the actual color of the objects in the scene. The colors are intentionally produced using a variety of holography, pseudo-color techniques.


Unless noted, all the Holograms are technically executed by myself at a variety of studios which are noted in the TECH section of this web site. 

Helpful definitions including definitions of the parts of a holographic image are presented in the TECH section.

Please take a look at the sections showing: Abstract Holograms; Figurative Collaboration; B&W miniatures, Vanity Boxes and Mixed Media

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