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The Collaboration and the Figurative images

The following Holograms were created over a 7 year period in collaboration with artist Sydney Dinsmore. The Holograms are presented here in the order the series were created. 

Human figures are not able to be recorded with the same type of laser that inanimate objects are recorded with. A very high intensity Pulse Laser is required to record the human figure.  More information on recording holograms can be found by searching the TECH option above. 

These images create narratives within different themes. The Titles shed light on the content. The images are designed to stand alone or in related groupings. 

Melissa_Holicon_1 (2).jpg

This photo shows Sydney and I at the Holicon Studio in Chicago Illinois preparing for a recording in the Pulse Laser Studio.

choice and circumstance      The Series: is this what you want?


Is This What You Want?   1987, comprised of four,    12 x 16 x 18"  


The  photos below, show how we incorporated photographic banners with the individual holograms in a Gallery setting.  The banners were screen printed from lithographs and the images in the lithographs were photographs of the images as seen when the Masters were illuminated with laser light. 


choice and circumstance      The Series: Violence: Choice/ What Choice?

The following hologram, Violence: Choice what Choice? , is a two channel image. This image is often installed solo as the dynamic range of the image and the content is quite powerful. This image was inspired by my early career as a Social Worker, working with the courageous victims of violent crimes.  The video shows how the two images overlap and fuse. Keep in mind the image is several inches in depth and the hand projects out in front of the film plane. 

violence amber side.jpg

This view shows how this hologram image

appears from the left point of view 

violence installed Bard cropped.jpg
violence blue side.jpg

This view shows how this hologram image

appears from the  right point of view 

Violence: Choice/What Choice?  1989   12 x 16 x 18"  

                                                                 UNTITLED  animated panel


This Hologram panel is created by mixing the images from two, 2 channel pulse laser, Masters into separate color plates. This is an experimental piece, exploring the relationship between the viewer as they move across the evolving image zones and the shifting and changing holographic images that are revealed and then obscured.

untitled at Wurth.jpg

                                              Untitled  1987    12 x 48 x 18"   

                                                    Two  channel image 


                                              Untitled  1987    12 x 48 x 18"   

          Version containing two channel image and images from Violence hologram.

Rumours multichannel panel

This Hologram panel  is created by mixing the images from several, 2 channel pulse laser Masters, into eleven, separate color plates. This is another experimental piece, exploring how to engage the viewer with the shifting and changing images.  This set of animated images reveal how one views a silent conversation from across the room, attempting to decipher the content based on body language alone. 


Rumours  1990    12 x  96 x 18"  

The 12" x 48 x 18" version of Rumours is shown below next to an image from Is This What You Want? Depending on the exhibition venue this panel is often shown in the 48" version. Here is it installed next to one of the figures from Is This What You Want? This photo best shows the ranges of beautiful colours in this panel.

rum installed figure.JPG


Tiananmen, 1991 is comprised of 5 separate images. The fans rotate as the viewer walks from one side to the other and extend out in front of the image plane several inches. The fans contain images of students and the Goddess of Democracy. 

full tian edited.jpg

Tianamen   1991  12 x 48 x18" showing alternate installation options

Please contact me for additional images from this collaboration.

arts grime.jpg
2 percent solution.jpg
achromat nude.jpg

The Collaboration 

Sydney Dinsmore and I worked together curating an exhibition in Beijing PR China in the mid 1980's. After working together we decided to do one series of figurative holograms. That one series evolved over the next 7 years into several successful series. The collaborative experience was an exceptional one and resulted in a large body of works that are still exhibited today. As well, Sydney and I remain close friends and hope the opportunity will present itself again for another collaboration. Sydney is an excellent photographer and her images can be seen on her website. 

The Master holograms were recorded at two different recording studios with technical assistance from Fred Unterseher and Rebecca Deem, in Germany and Hans Bjelkhagen in Chicago.  The white light viewable transfer holograms,  image and colour mixing were produced at my former studio in Vancouver BC Canada, The Holographic Studio LLC. Portions of this work was supported by the Canada Council.

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